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Paddy Handicraft

Paddy Handicraft

A Craft unknown, a culture unrevealed and a skill untapped. The paddy craft, Dhanamurti of Orissa is a languishing craft which is practised in the tribal district of Odisha.

The unhusked rice grains are beautifully strung together by our finest craftsman to make religious idols, gaatha, carts, chariots, elephants and other Gods and Goddess brings you closer to such bliss and magnificence, in the rawest from.

The Dhanamurti is a beatiful add-on to your space. Rice being a symbol of prosperity, the light weight and bright-colored Dhanamurti bringing about an aura of culture and richness of tribal Odisha.

We Have united the best of craftsmen under our roof who are highly skilled in the art of Dhanamurti. We help them in keeping this tradition alive by showcasing their hidden talent of craftsmanship in front of the entire wprld. For all the lovers of Tribal art, we provide the choice of making customized art forms. If you have idea which you want to see come alive in the form of impressively beautiful Dhanamurti artifact, feel free to reach us out.


Material Paddy
Regional Feature India
Style Religious
Use Home Decoration
Performance Optimum
Features Long functional life
Pack Type Box

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  • Paddy Murti 02

  • Paddy Murti 03

  • Paddy Murti 04

  • Paddy Murti 05

  • Paddy Murti 06